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Peaceful Spots for Nature Lovers in Bermuda

Last year our team had a look at some of the best destinations in our portfolio for nature lovers and the general consensus was that Bermuda was a holiday location that offers natural phenomena for which it ought to be better known. We have collated a selection of some of the top experiences from which travellers can get their fill of flora, fauna and wildlife.

Whether you have a serious interest in bird watching or you simply like to spend time in a place where you can feel at one with nature, the island of Bermuda is the perfect backdrop to a holiday for the fervent nature lover.

Walsingham Nature Reserve & Blue Hole Park

The 12 acres that define Walsingham’s Nature Reserve served to inspire the Irish poet Tom Moore, who wrote some of his best works beneath one of its calabash trees. In turn his inspiration inspired the locals to call the park Tom Moore’s Jungle in honour of the creative genius that the woodland unleashed.

It truly feels like a jungle to us and our clients who seek an opportunity to lose themselves in a peaceful wilderness won’t be disappointed as they wander the seemingly infinite trails.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss:

  • A guided tour through the Crystal and Fantasy Caves with their spectacular stalactites, stalagmites and azure pools.
  • A swim in beneath the stalactites that hang from the Causeway Cave, a deepwater grotto in Blue Hole Park.

Recommended Hotel: Grotto Bay

If the idea of the Nature Reserve and its network of underwater caves is something that excites you then the best place to stay is Grotto Bay. You’ll be only a short walk away from these magical feats of nature. When you aren’t exploring the grottoes you’ll be able to stroll along the pink sand beach which is unique to this part of the world.

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is unsurpassed in Bermuda when it comes to encounters with wildlife. We send our bird watchers here, as that’s what the area is renowned for, but in reality you’ll see much, much more when you visit the reserve.

From the Sally Lightfoot Crab to the Buckeye butterflies; from the Bermuda skink (a rare type of lizard) to humpback whales, the list goes on and on. You can spend hours or even days here without running out of surprises. None of our team are dedicated wildlife aficionados but they have all come back from an experience at Spittal Pond with an unexpected enthusiasm for nature watching.

Up to 500 species of bird visit the pond; you may encounter the White Eyed Vireo, black and white warblers, the Ovenbird, the American Redstart and many others.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss

  • Portuguese Rock – the date 1543 and the letters ‘RP’ were carved into the rock after a group of Portuguese sailors were shipwrecked here. Today it is commemorated as the first recorded visit of man to Bermuda.
  • The Checkerboard – the combination of limestone and erosion has left the island dotted with some interesting features and this is one of them. At the western end of the pond is an apparently tiled area whose tessellated surface with its perfect right angles was formed without any assistance from Man. It’s a rate geological occurrence that will leave you in awe at Nature.

Recommended Hotel: Rosewood Tucker’s Point

This hotel’s superb location overlooking Castle Harbour is perfect for reaching the peaceful island spots like Spittal Pond. We do not exaggerate when we say that guests are truly hosted in the lap of luxury here. Elegance, sophistication, excellent service and quality facilities make this a superior property.

South Shore Park

This coastal trail is one of our favourite recommendations for clients who want to experience that expansive feeling in their chests that occurs when one is faced with the overwhelming beauty of our planet. This path is short at only 1.25 miles but it is packed with stunning gems: pink sands, hidden coves and looming limestone cliffs.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss

  • A picnic in Jobson’s Cove. This cove is completely separated from the sea by a ring of cliffs and gives the impression of an entirely secluded beach. It is a perfect spot to picnic and enjoy an afternoon siesta with the gentle lapping of the waves lulling you to sleep.

Fairmont Southampton

We suggest the Fairmont Southampton as the perfect place to stay to experience the heart of the Bermuda’s South Shore. You’ll be ideally located to explore the hidden coves, the cliffs, pink sand beaches and historic lighthouses and forts that characterise this coastline.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

While most of our clients are familiar with Bermuda as a luxury beach and golfing destination, we feel passionately that this island is equally a Paradise for the nature lovers. A holiday here is a chance to explore and discover wildlife and natural phenomena that rival any experience anywhere else in the world.


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