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Tenerife for Little Animal Lovers

The majority of our clients who have families and who pick Tenerife as a holiday destination are looking for temperate climate, swimming pools and beaches. While these are available by the bucket load, the beauty of this island is its range of child-friendly activities that can give your beach holiday an element of diversity.

If your children are anything like mine they’ll have a boredom threshold that can render you frazzled and irritated. The novelty of the beach and the water can be recreated each new morning but by afternoon you’re likely to need some alternatives to break up the day.

Southern Tenerife has an exceptional solution to this challenge: most children love animals, and this part of the island has several unique ways to experience wildlife in a child-friendly manner. The best of them are engaging experiences for the parents too.

These are a few of the options that our team has handpicked to help you keep you and your children entertained off the beach.

On the Water

If you venture further than the shallow waters of the shoreline during your stay in the south of Tenerife, you are in for an animal viewing treat.

Whale Watching

The south coast of Tenerife is the perfect base for whale and dolphin watching excursions. These creatures are prolific in the waters between the island and its neighbour La Gomera. You’re bound to see bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, and if you’re lucky you might catch sight of sperm whales and orcas, which aren’t unknown to the area.

There are several companies who run vessels that can take you on these expeditions. We always urge our clients to check that the boats are affiliated to the Quality Tourism Service. Companies who are under this umbrella follow the recognised guidelines for dolphin and whale watching.

We have a lot of experience with these sort of activities, so feel free to give us a call if you’d like some recommendations.

Submarine Safari

This is a true adventure for your little explorers – originally based in Lanzarote, the company Submarines Safaris SL organise expeditions on the submarine Sub Fun Cinco, which will take 44 passengers below the sea to a maximum of 60 metres.

A scuba diver accompanies the craft and lures large numbers of fish and manta rays with food so that the passengers get a superb display from the 22 windows of the vessel.

Camel Park

Yes, they do smell – but that rarely bothers the children who are likely to be enthralled by the Camel Park. It can be reached via a free shuttle bus from most of the main hotels in Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

Camel Park was the first camel breeding centre on the island and has more than 60 camels who live side by side with the other farm animals. Children can touch and feed the collection of chickens, ducks, donkeys, goats and dogs.

For the more adventurous, the finca organises camel rides – guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

Recommended Hotels

There are some great family hotels in the south of Tenerife; the two that we frequently recommend to those who are travelling with children are the H10 Conquistador and the Iberostar Hotel Anthelia.

The H10 Conquistador is grand in scale and experience so you can enjoy some luxury while the children can enjoy a host of activities in the seasonal clubs. It’s situated near to the Playa de las Americas so you’ll be within easy reach of the attractions that will fill your little animal lovers with pleasure.

Families rule supreme at the Iberostar Hotel Anthelia – the property meets and exceeds the needs of children and parents with a heated freshwater pool on the grounds, water slides and a pirate’s ship. It boasts close proximity to Fañabé beach, children’s clubs that cater to all age groups and a superb spa for those moments you can steal for yourself.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

The south of Tenerife makes for a perfect beach holiday destination. Not only does it boast the warm temperatures, golden sands and azure sea waters that you would expect, it also has a range of activities that the whole family can enjoy. To find out more about holidays tailored to suit your needs, get in touch with our team.


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