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Discover the Dalmatian Coast Aboard the Agape Rose

For those tempted to heed the romantic call of the high seas, cruising on a luxury vessel along the spectacular Dalmatian Coast of Croatia is one of the most pleasurable experiences the ocean winds can throw at you. Dedicated cruisers will understand the sense of freedom and adventure you can experience with this kind of travel; but for those not yet in the know, welcome aboard – we’ve been expecting you.

The MS Agape Rose

I’ve always thought the life of an ancient mariner was all very well in principal, but, to be honest, I think in practice a good headwind feels all the more sweeter when you’re able to enjoy it in luxury! We’re proud to have an unforgettable journey aboard the MS Agape Rose, as part of our collection – offering an experience that I think is the best on the water in Croatia.

This brand new state-of-the-art vessel is the perfect size to weave lazily through the islands off the Dalmatian Coast, and its luxury features are second to none. With a capacity for just 38 lucky passengers at a time, all the cabins are air-conditioned and have private en-suites. You’ll drift off to sleep with the sound of the waves gently lapping you a lullaby and the scent of the salty air in your dreams – ah, but I digress! As well as the sublime sleeping arrangements, the Agape Rose includes a salon-restaurant, an alfresco lounge and a fantastic sun deck where you can relax and watch the world float by.


“It isn’t that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.” (Sir Francis Drake)

Trogir to Dubrovnik in Sea-Going Luxury

Of course, while the accommodation is important, so is the itinerary – and the MS Agape Rose has it covered with a fabulous seven-day cruise from Trogir to Dubrovnik, or the same journey in reverse. While there are plenty of opportunities in between to disembark and explore, Hvar, Brac, Mljet and Dubrovnik are the major ports of call.


My enduring (and most fragrant) image of Hvar is the gentle scent of lavender that seems to imbue the air at every turn. It grows wild and cultivated all over the island and is one of the natural highlights that make it so picturesque. However, aside from its idyllic landscape and the fascinating relics of its ancient settlement, Hvar Town is a darling of the celebrity set. What that means is not just that you may have the chance to rub shoulders with the glitterati in one of the upmarket bars, but you also know that where there are celebs there is fine dining, chic shopping and a relaxed, refined ambience. Sliding up next to a super-yacht on the MV Agape Rose certainly won’t make you feel like the country cousin!


If you’ve done any research on the islands of Croatia you’ve no doubt heard of Zlatni Rat Beach, on Brac, which is quite famous for its water sports and ever-changing topography. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a leisurely dip in the wonderful restorative ocean. This could be where you really get a sense that your holiday is starting… sun, sea and sand in the most delightful fashion.There’s plenty more to see on Brac and you may want to return at a later date to explore some of the walking paths – in particular the one up to Vidova Gora, where the reward is a panoramic view over the islands.

Top Tip: If you’re a wine aficionado, I recommend trying some of Brac’s excellent local wines.


The stop off in Mljet is actually my favourite part of the cruise, because the landscape of the island is truly spectacular and quite unique. Coming under the conservation of a National Park, taking a leisurely exploration on foot or by bike along delightful shaded wooded paths and around the two huge saltwater lakes is an absolute joy for anyone who enjoys getting out amongst nature. It makes for a wonderful contrast to the rest of the itinerary and it’s a chance to really immerse yourself in the beauty of these marvellous islands.


“Explore the jewelled forests and turquoise saltwater lakes of National Park Mljet.”


The ancient walls of Dubrovnik hold a veritable cache of history, culture and medieval magic, but what sets the city apart is its jaw-dropping location. If cruising along the coastline to arrive beneath the city walls of this medieval treasure trove doesn’t melt your heart, then I’m afraid nothing will. However long you have to explore the city is never enough and, if you’re lucky like me and get to return, there’s something new waiting to be discovered at every turn. At the very least I would recommend a trip up the cable car for breathtaking views, a walk around the ramparts overlooking the ocean for some quiet reflection, and dinner in the Old Town in any number of fine-dining establishments. What a finale to the cruise – or a wonderful introduction if you’re doing it in the other direction!

Feed Your Soul and Stir Your Spirit

We’re delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to cruise the Dalmatian Coast with the Prestige Holidays endorsement on such a superbly facilitated vessel. For anyone who thinks the cruising life might not be for them, I say, “think again” – because this one experience has the capacity to change the way you travel forever.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

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