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Our Favourite Holiday Destinations for Couples in The Canary Islands

The choice of holiday destinations for couples is vast and the pressures to design that perfect break for you and your loved one are immense. We have a good range of options in our portfolio: two of our favourites in the Canaries are Tenerife and La Gomera.

Romance in Tenerife

I often surprise my clients when I propose Tenerife as one of the holiday destinations for couples in the Canary Islands that can dazzle you with romantic luxury. Contrary to the popular image of the island as the place to go for the ultimate lads’ getaway, we are more familiar with the sophisticated, awe-inspiring face of Tenerife, and we have some ideal breaks for those who are looking for some special time together.

Sunsets & Star Gazing

Tenerife is one of the holiday destinations for couples that offers up the ultimate in romantic sunsets: several tour guides have put together elegant and luxurious excursions to Mount Teide that take place in the evening. This extinct volcano is the perfect viewing platform for one of the world’s most spectacular sunsets – every evening a symphony of reds, purples and pinks play through the crystal clear sky as the sun sets over the island.

We have had many a client wax lyrical about this experience so we know it will impress you and your significant other. Bespoke guided tours can take you both to a height of 7,000ft via cable car where you can toast the sunset with Cava or Champagne.

Most of these excursions include the chance to do some star gazing as the night falls over the mountain. There is an international astronomical observatory on the slopes along with state-of-the-art telescopes, but the glory of Mount Teide and Tenerife is that the skies are clear enough to observe the Milky Way, various constellations and the occasional shooting star with the naked eye.

When you book your holiday to Tenerife, we can help you choose the nighttime tour that suits you best – there are options for romantic dining beneath the stars, for cosy hot chocolates or for sampling the excellent Spanish wines.

Sailing Away

Whenever a client asks us for a hint on what to do to give his or her partner the pleasure of a truly luxurious romantic experience while in Tenerife, we recommend a yachting excursion. There are several companies who offer the ultimate in luxury and romance to couples as they sail along the spectacular Tenerife coast with its Gigantes cliffs, Masca and startling black beaches. Most yachts come with a crew and will supply a sumptuous lunch.

Our more energetic clients will often take the opportunity to try out some water sports using the yacht as a base for diving or fishing.

Recommended Hotel: Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort

The Bahia del Duque Resort is immense but it caters in an exclusive and romantic way to couples looking for a sense of privacy and intimacy on their holidays.

The villa section of the property is set up to provide exactly that kind of environment with secluded one and two-bed properties that have private plunge pools at the rear. For that extra sense of luxury, guests who stay in these villas are offered their own butler service and à la carte aromatherapy bath menus.

“I particularly envy those couples who opt for the spa experience in the hotel’s VIP Couples Suite, where they can enjoy massages and other stress busting treatments privately together.”


Passion in La Gomera

Of all the worldwide holiday destinations for couples, La Gomera is exceptional. It is perfect for those who are excited by places with their own romantic history. This tiny island boasts an impressive mythology and colourful history that belies its size. While it’s not my first choice for those who seek a more traditional beach holiday experience, it is an unsurpassed destination for you and your partner to enjoy nature together and to participate in outdoor activities that you’ll both remember fondly for a lifetime.

Secluded Idyll

What we think makes La Gomera a truly romantic spot is the nature of the island itself. To date this location is still relatively unknown and it has preserved a sense of the mysterious, hidden gem where you and your loved one can really feel like you are in your own private retreat.

Building Memories

In my opinion, La Gomera is one of those holiday destinations for couples where you and your partner will build lasting memories through the activities that you enjoy together. The opportunities for hiking through diverse terrain and ever-changing landscapes are innumerable and the water sports are exceptionally good on the island.

Imagine setting out on adventures together to explore this volcanic, craggy terrain with pockets of lush vegetation and dramatic rocky beaches. Strolling through deep valleys, hiking jagged ravines and terraced slopes, you will create a bank of shared experiences.

In addition we highly rate the diving scene in La Gomera where the clear waters are perfect for encountering barracudas, tuna, rays, parrot fish and other subtropical species. There’s sailing, deep sea fishing and dolphin watching too, so neither of you will have a chance to get bored.

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Jardin Tecina

In La Gomera we have added a really special property to our portfolio that is uniquely suited to couples looking for a little romance. The Hotel Jardin Tecina, set in 70,000 square metres of botanical gardens, is a paradise for its guests. However, it offers an experience that to my mind is the ultimate in romantic.

We can book the hotel’s ‘La Cueva for Two’ for you and your partner – a natural cave that looks out on mountains and the vast ocean. This completely private space has a history that deepens the romantic ambiance. The story goes that the ancestors of the Olsen family, who became the providers of the island’s agricultural backbone, found themselves stranded on the coast of the island in the early twentieth century and were rescued by a local.

An elderly resident of La Gomera gave them shelter and food in this cave where they spent the night watching the stars and slumbering to the lullaby of the waves lapping the shore.

Today the hotel has furnished the cave with a luxury bed and lamps. The staff serve the guests who book the space a private candlelit dinner before they retire for the night.


“I think you’d be hard pressed to find something that surpasses the romance of the ‘La Cueva for Two’ experience.” 

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

So there you have it: Tenerife and La Gomera are our two favourite holiday destinations for couples in the Canaries. If you’d like to know more about booking any of these experiences or about romantic holidays in other countries, then call our team who will be happy to help you create a perfect getaway for you and your partner.

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