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Chartering Your Dream Yacht in Bermuda

If you have a taste for luxury, a head for adventure and the heart of a seafarer, all your dreams can come true in Bermuda. In my experience there are few pursuits more enjoyable than heading out into the “big blue” to conquer the high seas on a chartered yacht cruise – perfectly complemented by Prestige Holidays’ collection of luxury Bermuda properties of course.

The spectacular oceans that surround Bermuda provide the perfect playground for a yachting adventure and, as sailing is one of my personal passions, it’s a genuine pleasure to curate some of the most inspirational experiences on offer. Whether our clients are seasoned sailors or have never set foot on an ocean vessel before, their first time on a luxury chartered cruise is rarely their last…

Sun, Sea and Snorkelling

If a bespoke private catamaran charter sounds like your kind of thing, then may I suggest that the team at SeaSplash Bermuda are your kind of people. Richie and Maureen go above and beyond in their efforts to provide every client with a customised experience – so, no matter where you want to be picked up, dropped off, and for the entire day’s itinerary in between, nothing is out of reach.

Meet the Happy Cat

I had a chuckle when I first heard the name of the SeaSplash vessel, but after experiencing it myself I had to admit it is entirely appropriate. You can’t help but be happy on this magnificent 34-foot catamaran and, while it can cater for up to 10 people, having it all to yourself (or maybe with one special companion) is a luxury that can’t be overstated. Movie star or millionaire for a day? You’ll certainly feel like it!

Richie and Maureen are local Bermudians who know the waters like the back of their well-tanned hands. Their passion and enthusiasm are evident and they’ll help you create an itinerary that makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world – or in Bermuda anyhow. Two popular options I found very special are:

  • A three-hour tour sailing tour from Hamilton along the coastal ‘Fairylands’, snorkelling around the Hawkins Islands, then up through the famous Great Sound and back to Hamilton (including lunch).
  • A two-hour sunset sailing cruise – need I say more? Oh, but I will! Leaving from various departure options, you’ll take in the stunning scenery around rocky coastlines and tranquil coves, against a backdrop of what I consider to be the most magnificent sunsets in the world.

A Dinner to Remember

While it might not be for everyone, if you’ve got the wish and the wherewithal, a dinner cruise on board Bermuda’s most luxurious super yacht can turn a simple memory into bona fide legend. The lavishly appointed 100-ft Venetian can cater for up to 26 for a sit-down dinner, but if you’re chartering it for an intimate dining experience, I recommend a table for two on the aft deck with breathtaking Bermuda as your backdrop. It could well be the most romantic (and delicious) thing you’ll ever do.

Fine Dining on the High Seas

The chefs on board the Venetian offer as fine an experience as you’ll find anywhere in the world. With your itinerary planned ahead (taking in secluded anchorages, tranquil islands or simply sailing with no agenda), you’ll be served a meal to remember by your very attentive and discrete crew. How does Sous-vide Lamb Loin with Parmesan Risotto, Shiitake Mushrooms and Jus sound? Take me to the horizon and don’t hurry back…

Glow Worm Cruise

 Yes, you read right and no, you won’t be cruising on the back of a glow worm. The unique spectacle of the Bermudian glow worms (aka fire worms) is one of my most treasured memories of its natural attractions. For any of my clients visiting between May and November it’s definitely a must-see on our list of recommendations.

About once a month for a few nights after the full moon, if you go down to any of the shallow bays about an hour after sunset you’ll be able to observe hundreds of glow worms as they rise slowly from their home at the bottom of the ocean to perform their mating ritual. The resulting illuminations are a truly beautiful sight as the females emit their green fluorescent glow and circle the surface of the water to attract a mate.

A Front Row Seat

To enjoy the full theatrics of this wonderful event, a front row seat on the deck of the charter catamaran Ana Luna, complete with Champagne, is the only way to go. The glow worms are nothing if not reliable, so you’re guaranteed the entire awe-inspiring experience on one of their scheduled sunset Glow Worm Tours, which take you out on the water to enjoy a surreal evening surrounded by fluorescent, dancing worms.


“Enjoy the full theatrics of the unique dance of the glow worms.”

Luxury on Land in my Recommended Hotels

I’ve chosen these wonderful charter yacht experiences for their luxury and originality, and my top picks for accommodation are chosen in the same spirit. Staying in Hamilton City or anywhere in Hamilton Parish gives you the perfect base from which to enjoy a range of day charters.

We highly recommend the very grand Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, which has magnificent views over the harbour and a choice of super luxury suites that include the incredible Fairmont Gold.

Grotto Bay is set in 21 lush acres and it really is its own little luxury cosmos. Don’t miss the cave diving in their very own Cathedral Cave, and if you’re after a spot of golf this is the perfect place to do it.

Let Us Craft Your Perfect Holiday Experience

One of my favourite places in Hamilton City, the colonial-style Rosedon is charming to the point that you may never want to leave. Set amidst tropical gardens, despite its ambience of informality there’s no mistaking the luxury of this lovely establishment.

If a luxury yachting holiday in Bermuda is something that’s piqued your interest, give our friendly and experienced advisors a call. They’ll be delighted to help you make a booking in the suggested hotels or any of the other exceptional properties in our collection.

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