Special offers page

Our website is constantly being updated with our great special offers. Individually, every property, resort and destination displays any corresponding special offers, but you can also search specifically for offers based on proposed time of travel or particular resorts, destinations or properties. There is also a dedicated special offers page on the website, which is updated daily. You'll never run the risk of missing an opportunity to save money.

User-friendly website

The Prestige Holidays website is very user-friendly and clearly displays every destination, resort and property in our portfolio at the touch of a key. There are easy to navigate search definitions, including specific facilities, no single supplements and special offers. You can further refine your selection with holiday type and proposed travel time, allowing you to easily complete a booking online. We check all our online bookings and if we are able to add value to your selection, we will do so. If you aren't comfortable completing your booking online, simply make a partial selection and save the booking in order to generate a reference number. You can then complete the booking by contacting our team personally.

Experienced staff

We've had many years of experience in customer service and we're able to use our hands-on knowledge of all our destinations to tailor a holiday to our clients' individual needs. Your holiday can be as unique as you are and no matter what your priorities, we'll offer appropriate, knowledge-based suggestions based on your requirements. There's no need to compromise on any of the details with Prestige Holidays.