Golf - for many this is a relaxing pastime for others they just enjoy the challenge and the camaraderie that a round of golf engenders.  Whatever the reason, golf is a very popular holiday activity and we have “tagged” which hotels have golf on or nearby the property.  To select your golf hotel please click on the appropriate tag above and add a destination.  You can even select a month of travel to see from prices (excluding flights).

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More golf information

On some our destinations pages we have also added some information about various courses available but we would be happy to give you more specific details about these or other courses that perhaps space restrictions prevented us from mentioning. 

Pre booking golf

Golf can be pre booked either as a single round at your preferred course or as a special “package” on one or more courses. Like many other specialities, golf requirements are very individual and we prefer to tailor yours specifically for you.  Our reservations team have all the information to hand so do please let them know your preferences. We also often have special golf packages at some hotels and we would be happy to give you more information on these.

Taking your Clubs with you 

On British Airways to Bermuda , for example, a set of golf clubs is usually allowed free of charge and in addition to your normal baggage allowance.  If this changes we will advise you at the time of booking. 

Most scheduled airlines to our European destinations do offer an increased baggage allowance when taking golf clubs, anything over this allowance is then charged, so it will depend on whether you take a full set of clubs or not and how much of your allowance is used for your suitcase.  Charter flights invariably make an additional charge for carrying golf clubs