From children’s clubs to interconnecting rooms, these hotels offer families a little extra. Some of our hotels even offer second room discounts for children! Use the above tabs to narrow down your search for the best hotel for your family. 

Bermuda family holiday

We care about the smaller guest too!

Where do you take the children on holiday with the assurance that they will be happy and well catered for, but still have the comfort of knowing that it will be a hotel of the standards you expect and not turn out to be a “summer camp”. 

Satisfying your children’s needs and your own, on holiday, can be a challenge.  After all, each of you deserves to come back having thoroughly enjoyed it. 

We have some excellent quality hotels that cater very well for families without any compromise on quality.  You can choose an hotel based on crèche facilities, children’s clubs and/or interconnecting rooms by clicking on the relevant tags above.  This will give you a clear indication of whether or not a particular property will suit your needs and there will be more information on the hotel page too. Some hotels may not have connecting rooms but still offer second room discounts for families, if your children are a little older we could then arrange for rooms next to each other. 

Some of our hotels are specifically considered family hotels, such as the Family Suites at Princesa Yaiza in Lanzarote. Others may not necessarily be thought of a family orientated, for example Reid’s Palace in Madeira, but Reid’s do have excellent arrangements for families including second room discounts for the children and the Fun at Reid’s programme. Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda is one of several hotels on the island that caters well for the “smaller guest”. 

Family days out

We have also highlighted on some of our destination and resort pages some of the things you can do with children whilst on holiday, such as Loro Parque in Tenerife, which is a conservation based theme park, so not only a great day out but educational too.  In fact, one young guest sent us the following about his day at Loro Parque. 

" It was fun, I did enjoy it.  I loved the dolphin show and the seals and standing on the bridge feeding the seals with fish was cool.  I remember the guy at the seal show telling the front row to watch out they were going to get wet. Then he dived in with no splash...

Baby Go Lightly

Some hotels are so geared up for the little ones that you don’t have to carry all those extras – for example Almyra in Cyprus has a Baby Go Lightly facility. You can pre order nappies, high chair, steraliser, baby food and much more.  We would send you the list and then order the items from the hotel to be there on your arrival.  In this day and age of baggage limitations on flights, it would take away a lot of the stress of taking a baby on holiday.  Other hotels can also provide much of what you may need. 

A family holiday is very special

Most of our destinations are well suited to family holidays, but if you have any doubts do please check with us, a family holiday is probably one of the most special holiday types we provide. Our staff know the best hotels for families.

Car seats where possible are provide in transfers and hire cars, if there is an issue with this we will advise you.