A hillside gem

Croatia Rovinj

Rovinj is fabulously stylish and perfect for couples.  It has elegant piazzas and an old town set into a hill that leads up to St Euphemia church.

The narrow streets are crammed with art galleries, studios and some hideaway bistros and bars. In June the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival has workshops and concerts and until September there are outdoor cultural events.

In Short

♦ From the air, Venice lookalike - without canals.

♦ Old town on a hill. Narrow streets. 

♦ Galleries and ateliers studios. 

♦ June salsa festival. 

♦ Flickering torchlit night. 

♦ Some of the best 5 star hotels in Istria region. 

♦ Stylish. 

♦ Climb St Euphemia’s tower.

♦ Fabulous boat trips. 

♦ Perfect for couples. Romance.