Exquisite old town

Korcula Island Croatia

Korcula is one of the largest Croatian islands and has almost 200 coves and beaches including a couple of sandy ones. The island is a favourite with UK visitors and it’s proximity to famous Dubrovnik means a twin centre combination is easy.  

According to locals, Korcula is the birthplace of explorer Marco Polo and maritime discoveries are part of the culture here.  The island has vineyards and olive groves, superb wines and the colourful Moreska dance.

The first tourists arrived on Korcula in the 1920s but it wasn’t until the 1970s when a marina was added that tourism took off. Even so, the island is still remarkably unspoilt with old stone villages and sleepy bays.

There’s a 200 metre stretch of sandy beach at Lumbarda, specifically at Prizna Bay about 7 kms from Korcula Town and served by local bus, and some traditional stone masons still have studios there.

Exploring Korcula

St Antony’s steps (all 101 of them) and about ten minutes out of Korcula Town are well worth the climb between towering cypress trees for the view from the top at the site of a hermit priest’s home. Korcula Town is a glorious place enclosed by stone walls the colour of pale honey. The narrow streets radiating from the central square are in a herringbone pattern, ensuring cooling breezes during hot summer months. Bars, restaurants, cafés and shops are located by the marina and in the centre of the old town. 

It’s also worth considering a water-taxi to Badija, the largest of the Skoji islands. Boats usually moor alongside an impressive Franciscan monastery. From here, tracks lead to the beaches and you may well find that you have a cove to yourself.


Just six kilometres from Korcula Town on Korcula island, this is a really relaxed spot with some great beaches. Including some sandy ones. Rare in Croatia. Strong stonemasonry heritage and there are still some stone carvers about. Easy for boat trips out to the islands including Mljet, one of Croatia’s national parks.

Relaxed holiday spot

Islands are a little different. May, early June and September have a gentler pace. In July and August, around 19 bars and restaurants are open. Hire out bikes and kayaks perhaps? Excellent paths and byways for exploring. Don't miss famous St Antony’s Steps, under five minutes by bike. There really are 101 Dalmatian steps up through the cypress tree corridor

Two really good times to be on Korcula are during Easter week when the various religious groups (which date back to medieval times) parade through the town in beautiful gowns and at the end of June when islanders celebrate the ‘half year party’ in true carnival atmosphere.

Utterly Intoxicating

One of the UK’s most famous travel writers, the late Paul Mansfield wrote: “Korcula is deep and beautiful; one can imagine spies and lovers sharing secrets here. The place is utterly intoxicating”.

In Short

♦ Korcula Town - Mini Dubrovnik lookalike.

♦ Historic & traditional.

♦ Exquisite old town.

♦ For couples or exploreres not families.

♦ Moreska Dance.

♦ Into the countryside - Olive oil and wine tasting.

♦ This place gets to you.

♦ Lumbarda - a quieter resort with a laid back feel.

♦ Lumbarda - choice of wonderful beaches both pebble and sandy.