A "must see" area

Croatia Dubrovnik

In the far south of Croatia, just a 2½ hour flight from London and 3½ from Scotland, Dubrovnik needs little introduction.

It’s a real walled-city-on-the-sea and there really are very few like this anywhere else in the world.  Once an independent trading nation that rivalled Venice, there are more similarities: Dubrovnik often doubles as Venice in films.  

Today, you’ll enjoy a breathtakingly impressive old city (no cars), palaces, churches, monuments and a choice of bars, restaurants and entertainment.

This summer don’t leave Dubrovnik without

Walking the famous stone ramparts, taking a picnic over to wooded Lokrum island (10 minutes by boat), exploring at least one of Dubrovnik’s own Elafiti islands (try the 3-island day excursion), having a cocktail at sunset on the terrace of the Hotel Excelsior, attending a concert in the open roofed Rectors or Sponza Palace, a visit to Trsteno Arboretum 25 minutes to the north.

In Short

♦ Unique.

♦ World famous.  

♦ 2 kms of ramparts. Walk them.  

♦ Fab views of the old city.

♦ Old city a living museum. Yet alive. 

♦ Vibrant. 

♦ More expensive than elsewhere. Worth it.

♦ Stunning coast and surrounding islands. 

♦ Concert in Rectors Palace. Never the same again.

♦ Do it. From simple, value apartments to wide choice of five star hotels.

♦ A “must see” once in a lifetime.