First time visitors fall in love with Cavtat

Cavtat Croatia

Cavtat is in a beautiful bay just 20 minutes by road or 40 minutes by regular taxi-boat or excursion boat from Dubrovnik. The waterfront is a jumble of old stone houses, cafés, restaurants, church towers and a wide seaside promenade fronted by palm trees (cars not allowed in summer).

In summer, there is a buzz to Cavtat but it remains, nevertheless, a gracious place with little real nightlife apart from a few good restaurants and bars.

Visitors often draw comparisons with the French Riviera. A pretty coastal path winds around the resort and peninsula and leads up to the white Racic family mausoleum on the hilltop. On the way, there are some nice shack type bars on the rocks by the sea. It’s worth the walk for the view. 

Be sure to venture into the Konavle Valley with its rivers, fruit and olive groves and where traditions still rule over tourism.

One of the specialities in restaurants in the valley is river trout or lamb, the latter often cooked under “peka” – this is a traditional way of slow cooking using a metal bell and burning embers. The Sunday excursion to Cilipi, a little village barely 10 minutes away, includes the traditional dancing and costumes of the people of Konavle and is quite charming.

In Short

♦ Waterfront is St Tropez lookalike.

♦ Nice walks and narrow streets.

♦ People fall in love with the place.

♦ No cars in summer.

♦ Choice of smaller, more personal hotels.

♦ Plus Family hotels & 5 star Hotel Croatia.

♦ Fab roof top pool at the Hotel Cavtat.

♦ Best for couples.