Hamilton is accessible by bus or ferry

Elbow Beach Bermuda

Paget has a string of pink sand beaches along its shoreline.  Possibly some of the best in Bermuda.  Hamilton is easily accessible by ferry (recommended) or by bus both are a lovely way to see the islands.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are so relaxing to visit at any time of the year.  Much loved by John Lennon, the range of trees, shrubs and cacti are exceptional.  We recommend a guided tour here to get the most out of your visit.  Close by is the splendid Camden House, the official residence of the Premier, open to visitors to enjoy.  The views from the first floor terrace are superb.

Art & Architecture

If art and architecture are your special interests there are three treasures to propose.  Open in the mornings only, the Birdsey Studio celebrates the art of Alfred Birdsey who painted the beauty and ambience of Bermuda so beautifully.  Now run by his daughter, reproductions of his work can be bought here.  The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art near Camden House has a collection of over 1,000 paintings by local and international artists.  Finally, the Bermuda National Trust sits in possibly the oldest house on the islands.  Built in the early 1700’s, some rooms are open to visitors and the gardens are very lovely to relax in.

Want to explore some nature?  Then head to Paget Marsh to see how the islands looked when they were first discovered. Cedars, palms and mangrove are here, plus the ever present song of the kiskadee – some love this bird, locals call it a pest!

Guests can stay in the superbly located Elbow Beach cottage style hotel or in the great value Coco Reef hotel for a really enjoyable holiday in Bermuda.