Whether it is because you are taking the children away, or that you like the warmth and feel of the sun-baked sand underfoot, or perhaps it’s the water sports or just being at the waters’ edge relaxing, listening to the waves lapping whilst you enjoy a good book, a beach is an essential part of your holiday. 

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As we offer such a range of properties in our portfolio, some in the city or in the countryside and therefore not near a beach, we have identified which of our properties are either on, or close to a beach.  This will help you narrow down your choice of hotel. Just click on the relevant tag above and select a destination with or without a month of departure.

A different beach every day

Bermuda has 365, one for each day of the year, pink sand beaches.  The pink hue comes from the fine pieces of coral that are part of the sand here.  There are some large well known beaches like Horseshoe Bay or Elbow Beach through all sizes down to tiny hidden coves. This really is a beach lovers’ paradise.  We do feel that you should know that going topless is not acceptable in Bermuda, they have a quaint “decency law” locally. 

Sand castles in Europe

Europe – most of our destinations here have beaches of one description or another, for example Cyprus has some golden and some dark sand beaches, whereas the Algarve tends to have pale sand beaches as does Gran Canaria.  Madeira is not known for its beaches but there are some hidden gems here too! 

Whichever destination you choose if you would like, or need, more information do let us know. 

Many beaches have water sports facilities on or next to them.  Many of our destinations have excellent diving opportunities too, such as Malta and Gozo, Madeira and Mallorca, to name a few.