Plenty of outdoor activities in this area

Sagres view of the beach

Sagres is one of the Algarve’s historic fishing towns and is set on a headland overlooking the picturesque harbour.  It is located within the boundaries of a protected nature park and the area around Sagres has an unspoilt character with good architectural and historic heritage. 

The natural locality

The region is excellent for those who enjoy hiking, there are many coastal footpaths, birdwatchers will find a huge variety of birdlife, boat trips will often reward with Dolphin sightings. Visit the fort on the Sagres peninsular for a taste of local history. There is an excellent range of beaches to choose from many of which have lifeguards in season and many are great for the surfing enthusiast.

The features of the local landscape mean that a wide variety of sports activities can be pursued, including trekking, sailing, boat trips, fishing, diving, windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, bird-watching and golf.


The appeal of this area is that it offers a calmer holiday than in other parts of the Algarve, but the town does have cafes and restaurants where local gastronomy is based on the best of what the sea has to offer and there is a great variety of fresh fish and shellfish to sample.

Between Oct – Dec  there are plenty of game dishes available, such as wild boar, partridge, quail and wild rabbit.

History abounds

This is one of the most important areas in the Algarve in terms of its rich heritage from the fortresses to menhirs.  Visit The Fortress, origins go back to the 15th Century, or the Lighthouse of Cape St Vincent located on the most western point of Europe. According to legend Prince Henry the Navigator worshiped at the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe which is thought to have been build by the Templar Knights.  The Beliche Fortress is also well worth a visit and there are many other historical places of interest in this area.